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SONAX Xtreme Clearview 1:100 Concentrate Nano Pro

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🍓General description🍓
➡️The product has won the best glass cleaner award by German car magazines voted for 2 consecutive years
➡️Confidently clean quickly, thoroughly water stains, stains, stains caused by oil, soot film, silicon, insect body
➡️There is Glycerine to help wipe the rain more durable and avoid letting the blade scratch the glass
➡️Do not add stains on the surface of the steering glass
➡️Do not tarnish, stain headlights. Suitable from halogen lights to LEDs, Matrix LED and Xenon lights
➡️The steering glass floats faster when it rains, ensuring your safety
➡️1: 100 dilution rate is extremely economical
➡️The bottle has a capacity gauge to help you mix glass cleaner easily
➡️Box includes 1 bottle of Sonax Xtreme Clear View 1: 100 250ml

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Product Description

🏮User manual🏮
🏵️Method 1🏵️


1️⃣pha water to wash the glass at the rate of 1: 100. 25ml of chemicals mixed with 2.5 liters of water (should use filtered water to reduce mineral deposits).

2️⃣put mixed solution into the car’s glass cleaner area.


🏵️Method 2🏵️
1️⃣contribute to the bottom of the Sonax Clear View bottle to absorb chemicals in the correct amount you want.
2️⃣ Pour chemicals directly into the car’s glass cleaner.



▶️Do not swallow
▶️Preserved in dry, cool place ✔️Product INFORMATION✔️
⏺️Manufacturer: SONAX
⏺️Brand: SONAX
⏺️Size: 5×5 x 21 cm
⏺️Weight: 5 grams
⏺️Capacity: 250ml



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1 review for SONAX Xtreme Clearview 1:100 Concentrate Nano Pro

  1. Jackson Ang

    Got this as free gift from Sonax team. Thank you.

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