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Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gong Hei Fatt Choy!


As we are entering the auspicious year of tiger, Skoda Octavia Club Singapore & Skoda Club Singapore would like to wish all members a healthy Huat Huat Huat Huat year! To celebrate this new year, we will be having a small game for all members to have fun!


To play the game, simply pump an exact $88.88 (before discount) at any of the gas stations and take a photo of the receipt with your car in the background!


There will be multiple prizes ranging from children educational toys to custom car plates for your ride and even Car Wash merchandise to give away.


To participate,
Simply upload your $88.88 receipt photo to our club Facebook page and hashtag #skoda8888 and select one of the prizes that you are interested in by tagging #8888toy or #8888carplate or #8888carwash or #8888carservicing or #8888carplateframe or even all tags together from now till 13th Feb 2022.


E.g. I’m keen on one of the educational toys. I’ll upload my photo and tag the following:

#skoda8888 #8888toy


Children educational toys
1) Makerzoid Robot Master Premium (Age 6+)RSP $195
2) Alilo Interactive Talking Pen ENGLISH (Age 6+)RSP $ 89
3) Big Bang Science – I LIKE SCIENCE (Age 6+) RSP $ 28
4) Big Bang Science – Let’s Glow (Age 6+) RSP $ 28
5) Big Bang Science – Super Kitchen Science (Age 6+) RSP $ 28
6) Big Bang Science – Colour Changing Science (Age 6+) RSP $ 28
7) Big Bang Science – bubble up (Age 6+) RSP $ 28
8) Big Bang Science – Ocean Soap Making (Age 6+) RSP $ 28
9) Big Bang Science – Catch the Criminal (Age 6+) RSP $ 28
10) Big Bang Science – Magical Science Physics (Age 6+) RSP $ 28


Custom Car Plate
1 set Free Pot Belly CarPlate from Gary art.


Car Wash Merchandise
3 sets Sonax goodie bag worth $50 RRP.

Add on sponsorship
Gary art
-1 set CarPlate carbon frame

Volks sponsorship

2 x car servicing $100 voucher.

Detail by volks

2 x car wash & vacuum.

Mtm sponsorship
– 10 x 20% off car servicing & grooming vouchers (valid for 6 months)